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Tips on Improving the Employment Process

Posted by on March 5, 2012 at 9:45 PM

Employment process, also called the process of recruitment and hiring, is important for any company because it’simportant to find and hire the best people for the job. The process is by no means an easy task. In fact, a growing number of companies hire a service provider to handle this entire process for them.    



How to begin the hiring and recruitment process? It all starts with a plan. Hiring and recruitment begins with a careful assessment of the vacant position and ofthe need to find a replacement or maybe create a new position. Afterwards,consult with key department heads and other employees to find creative solutions. It might be that there is no need for a replacement after all because the vacancy could be solved by a change in the work process or maybe achange in the division of work or something similar.


Ofcourse, a consultation with the human resources specialists and the HR directoris in order and also with other employees in the department where there iscurrently a vacancy. These meetings should help you get a better idea on the top requirements for the vacant position including the attitude, training, experienceand education needed for the job. The qualifications that you will get from theconsultations will in turn help you improve the job description that you willprepare for the classified ads.      


The employment process should also include the possible candidates from within the company. Theseinternal candidates from different departments in the company should been couraged to apply. Establish an application process within the different departments.   


Screening of the candidates, preparing a short list of applicants, preparing a detailed description of the job, preparing a draft of the employee contract, preparing and handing out the company’s handbook of policies  and procedures, onboarding of new hires andinduction of employees are all part of the recruitment and hiring process. Soprepare and work your way towards these components of the recruitment process.     


Post classified ads online using online classified ads, popular news sites, your company’s website and on social media. Consider posting the job ads on websites that are related to newspapers or newsorganizations. These kinds of sites reach thousands of people. But don’t forget to use traditional media, too. And don’t neglect the power of word ofmouth. Use all means available to reach as many possible candidates as possible.


The associations within your industry can also help you generate word of mouth. Ask the association leaders if they can help you spread the word about theavailable position your company. And also ask if they can help post a job inthe official website for the association.


The employment process does not end when a new employeeis hired. Continue to build a resource of qualified candidates for the job andfor the other jobs within the company. Keep a file of previous applicants. Setup an active file for previous applicants who are suitable for the position andmight still be interested in the future. Constantly think of ways of findingpeople who are qualified, in terms of training and attitude, for the positions in your organization.

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